Physical Education

Physical Education

Gneeveguilla N.S. is committed to providing high-quality Physical Education to all pupils. The PE programme incorporates six strands – Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics, Games, Aquatics and Outdoor and Adventure activities.

Each class has at least 60 minutes of timetabled PE time weekly.

Teachers use a variety of resources to guide them in delivering quality PE lessons. PSSI Lesson Plans are widely used throughout the school and this year we are putting a special focus on the strand Gymnastics for the school year 2022/2023.

This year, we updated our PE plan to ensure that all strands are covered on a yearly basis. Our new plan also ensures that each class focuses on the same strand(s) and Fundamental Movement Skills each month. . This allows for the sharing of resources and ideas among staff.

Water Safety Ireland’s PAWS (Primary Aquatics Water Safety)

Our school teaches the Land PAWS water safety programme to all classes. This programme, aimed at children, outlines life-saving guidelines and safety around water in homes, farms, pools, beaches and on our waterways.





The athletics strand provides opportunities for pupils to engage in the natural activities of running, jumping and throwing in an enjoyable way. The emphasis is on exploring and experimenting with the basic movements of walking, running, jumping and throwing through a wide range of informal play experiences. Building on these early experiences, pupils then develop the techniques of running, jumping and throwing as they progress through the school.



The games strand develops pupil’s natural tendency to play through informal play activities. It enhances the development of basic skills, and many opportunities are provided for social interaction. As pupils develop their skills they begin to apply them in informal activities when playing with their peers. Playground games, co-operative games and games traditional to the school or locality are also considered when planning this strand. A balanced programme of such games ensures that the pupils experience a wide variety of activities that provide enjoyment and challenge and that foster a lifelong interest.


The aquatics programme is concerned with pupils gaining competence and confidence near, in, under and on water. The term ‘aquatics’ is used to include not only the teaching of swimming strokes but the provision of opportunities for enjoyment of water play and other aspects of aquatics. The importance of water safety is emphasised during all aquatic activities and is stressed throughout the programme.


The Gymnastics strand involves the use of movement in a creative way by responding to set tasks, both individually and with others. Pupils explore movement on the floor and using a variety of equipment. The gymnastics curriculum provides every pupil with the opportunity to experience success at a personal level, by engaging in challenging but realistically achievable tasks.


Dance in education involves the pupils in creating, performing and appreciating movement as a means of expression and communication. Dance differs from the other aspects of the physical education programme in that the emphasis is placed on expression through movement and the enjoyment and appreciation of the qualities of movement. The dance programme involves pupils in a range of creative and folk dance.

Outdoor and Adventure

Outdoor and adventure activities are elements of the PE curriculum concerned with walking, cycling, camping and water-based activities, orienteering, and outdoor challenge activities. These activities, which are mainly non-competitive, offer alternative avenues for pupil achievement and encouragement to adopt a healthy life-style based on an enjoyment and appreciation of the outdoors.

Strand Development

Gymnastics 2022-2023

Check out the pictures below to see a snippet of the rolls, balances, travelling actions and paired, group and individual routines completed by all classes throughout the course of our work in gymnastics!


P.E. Equipment

We carry out a PE audit once a year, disposing of old and broken equipment. Our resources are clearly labelled and well organised and accessible to all, for a more enjoyable PE experience. The active committee also monitor the equipment to ensure it stays tidy.  We are lucky to have a wide variety of equipment available to us.

P.E. Homework

Over the last number of years we have introduced active homework for the whole school for Active Week. This year Active Homework is given once a week. Children are asked to participate in 10-15 minutes activity, daily, outside of school hours. Active Homework is an initiative set up to increase the physical activity levels of school going children, thus helping each child reach the national recommendation of 60mins daily.

Here are some ideas to encourage keeping fit. Keep an eye out on Aladdin for weekly PE homework.