Remote Learning

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to our remote learning site. We endeavour to continue providing a high quality education programme through our online platform. We understand that this is a difficult time for pupils and their families filled with uncertainty and unknown outcomes. The purpose of this platform is to support pupils and their families to continue learning despite the current circumstances.

Each week your child’s class teacher will upload a list of work for the week on the website This may be broken into 5 days or a bank of work for the week depending on the class level. We have set up a list of resources in our resources section that link to website/apps/activities that your child can do at home.  Using the resources section is not compulsory it is only an added suggestion.


We have put a parental consent letter for the SEESAW app on the website, Please fill out the form to give permission as soon as possible. SEESAW will be in operation from Monday, March 30th.  Every child has a unique code to enter the app. The teachers are available for support on this app between 9.20am-3.00pm. The teachers will be making announcements during the week and are available to message with any queries that you may have. Children have the opportunity to take photos of their work and upload them to the app so teachers can how they are progressing. This is a communication tool and recommended for school closures. When you collect the books form the school each bag contains your child’s code and instructions on how to access SEESAW. Keep this sheet safe as all codes are unique.

Finally, I realise that distance learning can seem quite daunting and overwhelming. We are responding to an emergency situation and this is not a replacement for classroom teachers or school. It’s a poor substitute but at the moment this is our only way forward. We are all hoping to have full and busy classrooms in the near future and can’t wait to welcome all of our pupils back. You are under no obligation to complete all the work. Our main priority is that every family are safe and healthy.

Le gach dea-mhéin.

Gerardine Shanahan