Letter to Parents 22/09/2020

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s)

We have moved once again to SeeSaw for the provision of homework. Each class may be structured differently as the level of homework will be different. Every child has a class code that they use to log on to their classroom work. During the lockdown the codes were individual but now each child in the class has the same code so the codes are only for the original login.

The purpose of using  SeeSaw is  to reduce the amount of books transferring daily. The children will be given the books on a Monday and these books will return on Friday for collection and correction. The books are sanitized and quarantined before they are given back to the children we would kindly ask each family to wipe down all books before they come to school.

Children cannot see other children’s work on the app it is solely for the teacher to see it during the week. SeeSaw is purely for homework information if you have any queries in relation to homework, class activities or any concern about your child please contact the classroom teacher by phone.

Following all illness related absences pupils must provide the school with a return to school declaration form on returning to school. This form is available on our website If you do not have a printer at home a handwritten copy is acceptable.

Kind Regards

Gerardine Shanahan