Board of Management report to parents May 2020

RE: Board of Management report to parents


Dear Parents/ Guardians

The Board of Management met on Thursday, May 20th via zoom. This was an historic meeting as it was the first time ever that the Board of Management met virtually. Technology has become increasingly important in all of our lives recently. All board members were in attendance.

The Board discussed how we are progressing with the traffic management issue outside our school. Ms. Shanahan attended a KCC meeting with all councillors on March 11th. The council are aware of our concerns and have promised that action will be taken.

We discussed the impact of distance learning and how we have responded to the school closure. The weekly plan of work and daily interaction between teachers and pupils is proving successful. However, we are still striving to gain 100% interaction we understand due to various reasons this may not be possible due to internet connectivity and device availability. The teachers and pupils have succeeded in doing an amazing job in a short space of time with no previous experience of online learning.

The Board ratified the new mandatory admission policy. This policy will be sent to the patron for approval.

On behalf of the Board of Management we hope that everyone is staying safe and well. The school will continue to update parents on how and when we will be able to reopen in a timely and safe manner. We will continue to follow government guidelines.

Yours Sincerely,

Gerardine Shanahan- Principal

Diarmuid McCarthy- Chairperson